Frontiers of Science VI – “Cosmic Life: Get to know your neighbours today!”


“WOW!”: They phoned home on August 15, 1977!

Cosmic Life: Get to know your neighbours today!”

Date: Saturday, 12th March 2022
Venue to be announced soon. 

In association with the Astrobiology Society of Britain (ASB), the Royal Society of Biology (RSB), the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), and NoRCEL, we present:

  • Kevin Devine, London Metropolitan University: “An Astronaut in Structure Space: Probing the structure, function and evolution of nucleic acids using synthetic organic chemistry.”
  • Michael Macey, The Open University: “The Microbiology of extreme Environments, Analogue Environments and the Limits of Life.”
  • Terry Kee, University of Leeds: “What isn’t Life
  • Mike Garrett, University of Manchester: “Establishing a SETI capability in the UK.”

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