6th NoRCEL CONFERENCE: Chemical Informational Universe


Is life nothing but a large network of chemical reactions and cycles, endlessly recycling itself with ever greater complexity? Surely something else is involved! Just as writing communicates knowledge through language so the human genome conveys information to those that can read it. Of course, this fact only raises more questions: are there other kinds of “information”, for example? What physical and chemical conditions are necessary, and can they exist on other planets? If life arose in specific environment, such as hydrothermal vents, how did it escape and populate the Earth? We therefore invite focused talks that try to elucidate these and other questions, all related to the origin of life.

  • We are back live and in person after a very long hiatus and we sincerely hope that you are able join us on this next step of NoRCEL’s journey of scientific discovery.
  • After listening to our members and followers, we have now chosen to make this a  HYBRID EVENT, so we can reach out to those who cannot travel to Scotland this time. 
  • There is a nominal fee of £20 for on-line registration.    
  • For the in-person event our registration fee of £275 includes all refreshments during the day (coffee and biscuits and a buffet lunch), as well as a conference dinner on the 10th August at one of the University of St Andrews top quality restaurants.
  • Registration fees for students who are attending in-person are £100 and we can also offer a travel bursary to help with your travel costs. Please apply via the registration form.

Please click this link for details of reserving accommodation at the university, which we feel is the most convenient, reasonable priced and practical.

Register here: 

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