NORCEL’s Blue Earth Project 2022 Virtual Event (BEP2022)

At NoRCEL’s Blue Earth Project inaugural online forum, we asked:
“Is humanity settling its own fate on ecological survival?”
What challenges does the rise in global human population pose for the future of humanity by changing the ecology and enviroment of our home planet Earth?

To try and address these serious issues, we held our first one-day online forum, involving experts shining a light on this issue from various perspectives. This latest initiative of the NoRCEL group brought together eminent scientists from around the world who put forward their theories and ideas to address this question. This was another one of our science-in society, free events.

To see the presentations from BEP2022 please click on the links below

Lowell Gustafson:
Human Population Growth: A set of unprecedented questions

Mukesh Bhatt:
A quest for Life unchained and unbound

Medina Kadiri:
Global assessment on biodiversity, conversation and enviroment

Alex Godoy-Faúndez:
Economic system and growth, engineering, and ecosystems?
How the planet subsidized the well-being.

Nathan Nelson:
Energy management and sustainability