Regardless of the fact that these areas are still continuously developing and evolving, nevertheless there are many exceptional and world-renowned scientists who hail from the region. It is in this context that NoRCEL has initiated the Latin America Hub (LAHUB): to bring together the vast knowledge and abilities from eminent scientists and academics living and/or working in all of Latin and South America. This will help us learn from and share with each other even more about the origin and early evolution of life. We would like to add that although Spanish is widely spoken in the area, English is the current “Latin” or lingua-franca for science globally, so please do accept that most of the content will be in English, with translations, where possible.

The very first colloquium of NoRCEL's Latin America Hub, LAHUB2022, entitled:
Molecules from the early evolution of life
took place online on SATURDAY the 19th of FEBRUARY, 2022

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