NoRCEL Blue Earth Project


NoRCEL Blue Earth Project (NoRCEL BEP)—another new science-in society online/live hybrid event, focussing on issues affecting our Earth . First meeting to be held 8th January 2022. Open to all and free to attend /sign up.

The main aim of the NoRCEL Blue Earth Project is that to address the issues affecting the “wellbeing” of the Earth, its ecology, environment and maybe Gaia too,  at the start of each of the subsequent New Years—giving everyone the opportunity to think and do something about it during the rest of the year. This will be achieved by posing a difficult and pertinent question as in “Is humanity settling its own fate on ecological survival?”. Such, “thinking man’s”, question(s) will be different from the usual, run of the mill, cliché buzz words such as global warming, air/plastic pollution, fresh water shortage etc.

The well-thought-out question(s) will be delivered by an authoritative person(s) who has/have the matching zeal and aptitude and which will be discussed further in the form of Q&A at a hybrid forum—live audience (all speakers will be invited to Leeds, UK) and real-time live streaming internationally. We already have experience in running such events as exemplified by NoRCEL and the Frontiers of Sciences(FoS) group—the former is a scientific network and the latter is a science-in-society group for the general public. It is anticipated that the Blue Earth Project will be for the mixed audience—both scientists and an ordinary “joe” public.