IN 2024, NoRCEL’s spotlight will be focussing on reactive oxygen species (ROS) and other relevant, related topics. In recent years, research on ROS across several disciplines has advanced rapidly. The outcome being significant new results on their generation, interactions and decay on rocky and icy planetary (and other astronomical) bodies, as well as with pre-biotic chemistry and the emergence of life – in addition to their relationships with biology including (contentiously) primitive anaerobic life. It is timely to now draw these advances together, for the first time in a big-picture, cross-disciplinary themed ‘summit’, with the aim of synthesizing current knowledge and surveying related open questions. We can also look at the planning of future interdisciplinary researches on the complicated roles played by these energetic – and enigmatic – species in our dynamic Solar System.

We now call for abstracts for submission from anyone with an insight into ROS, who wishes to play a part at this ground-breaking thematic event.

This is a Hybrid Conference and further details on registration fees and accommodation will be posted within the next few weeks.

In the first instance…

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