Sponsored student: Masauko Utila from Malawi

There is nothing like the pleasure one gets when helping someone to achieve their life’s goals. Masauko Utila is from Malawi, recognised to be one of the poorest countries in Africa (and the world) and which has lowest graduate training programmes and university intake. Both I and Prof. Nigel Mason of the University of Kent, played a vital role in helping Masauko to achieve his goals of attaining an MSc degree from the National Dong Hwa University, Taiwan (https://www.ndhu.edu.tw/?Lang=en).
The title of Masaukos’ research is: “The influence of passivation layers on Light and Elevated Temperature Induced Degradation (LeTID) behaviours of silicon solar cells.
We are supporting him as part of a programme for helping students with outstanding potential, with the expectation for them, in return, to help their country develop. His project was chosen as being relevant to the sustainable energy programme in Malawi/Africa.
In the images he is shown proudly wearing his graduation gown, also together with his two colleagues who graduated at the same time. I am now trying to  find someone to give him the opportunity on a PhD programme.

Masauko added the following text in context of the Covid-19 menace:

Here are some photos I took in a graduation gown; this year’s graduation was cancelled due to the COVID pandemic. Here, a student can graduate even before a thesis is done, however, a certificate is collected after completing all the course requirements and thesis.

Now I am trying find someone to give him the opportunity on a PhD programme.

Sohan Jheeta (a friend of Malawi)

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