ZOOM Instructions

Instructions for the Conference ZOOM sessions

There are two ways to attend the conference over ZOOM:

  1. Using a web browser
  2. Using an installed application

You can always test your system by following this link: https://zoom.us/test

Now, please read carefully the following.

Option 1 –  Using the web browser

Step 1. Enter this address https://zoom.us/join in your browser.
Safari of Apple Macs is not compatible with Zoom. Please, download either Google Chrome or Firefox and enter ZOOM over these browsers.

Step 2. Insert the “Meeting ID”
This is an 11 digit number in the form of “### #### ####” (for example, 123 4567 8900). This will be given to you by email.
Press the “Join” button.


If your browser asks you for permission to open “zoom.us.app” please, press “Allow”.

Step 3. Launch meeting
Then comes a screen where there is a blue button saying “Launch Meeting”. Press this, and you may be asked again for permission to allow Lauching the zoom application. Press again “Allow”.

Step 4. Enter “Passcode”
A screen follows with an entry box where you have to put the Passcode. This is a 6-digit number, for example “123456”. This will be given to you by email together with the “Meeting ID”. Then, the button “Join” appears blue, which you have to press.

If the meeting did not start from (the moderator has to start it), it will give you a date and time when the meeting starts.

This is when you try to enter too early. Please try again exactly, or little after, the time and within the timeframe given to you.

Step 5. View the main screen and all participants
When you finally enter the main environment of ZOOM you will be able to see videos or just boxes with the name of other participants. Videos mean that participants have the camera on, and boxes with names that they have the camera off. Following is an example of this main screen.

You can MUTE or UNMUTE your self, and switch on and off you camera (see two buttons on the left). The rest of the functionality will be explained to you during the test periods.

It might also happen that instead of entering the system, there is a window with a message telling you that you must wait in the “Lobby” in order to be admitted into the conference meeting by the moderator. In that case, please, wait. It is advisable not to leave and enter the conference meeting frequently, if you want to be away for a short time.

Option 2 – Using an installed application

It is easier if you download a Zoom client application from the following link: https://zoom.us/download#client_4meeting

After downloading and installing, please run it.

A window appears and in there please press the “Join” button.

Similarly with “Option 1“, enter the Meeting ID (or copy it from this email and paste it) and also please type in your real name. Then, press the button “Join”.

The subsequent screen asks you for the Passcode. Please, type it in (or copy it from this email and paste it).

Then, press again “Join” and you will be in the conference session. Still you might have to wait for admittance, as described for “Option 1

Additional information

For those who have tablets, and want to link with a tablet, the link https://zoom.us/download#client_4meeting has also special link to enter Apple’s App Store or Google Play store.

Please, download the ZOOM app, run it, and press “Join a meeting” following the instructions which are similar to the instructions given before.