WONDER Instructions

Instructions on how to use WONDER

Step 1: You have been give a link by email that allows you to enter the NoRCEL Conference. This is not given here. As an example though you can inspect the WONDER.ME pages.

Step 2: Clicking the link it directly takes you into the NoRCEL Lobby (next picture). You see a nice background image and some bright boxes. Each box represents a physical room, i.e.:

  • an auditorium of NoRCEL: to be used to meet the committee members
  • a coffee room and a pizza room: to room for free chatting. You can invite someone by telling him/her in which room you will wait.
  • an assistant’s room: the administrator will be always there to assist you
  • a science room: a room to organise small groups (up to 15 people) and discuss certain scientific topics
  • a speaker’s room: Speakers of the previous session are advised to be there in order to be easily located by the audience for questions.

You will also see some round icons with pictures or initials (avatars). These are all members that enter the Lobby. Please, use real names and photos.

Step 3: If two or more avatars come close together, a brighter circle is formed and immediately they are connected with video and sound.

Step 4:From now on, all is very intuitive:

  • With your mouse you can move your avatar around and approach other people.
  • By clicking on the avatar of someone, you can invite him in your circle.
  • You can lock a circle to private mode for private discussions with the lock on the top right.
  • All other functionality is similar to other teleconference interfaces.