Venue NoRCEL21

The venue of NoRCEL this year is virtual!!

This is a digital conference and it will be held over digital teleconference platforms. We will employ two platforms for the meeting:

  1. The ZOOM platform (, which is going to be the main tool to attend all scientific presentations and make announcements.
  2. The WONDER platform ( for small group and interpersonal discussions, but only during the breaks!!

For the ZOOM platform you are given details on how to log in by following the link: ZOOM Instructions

For the WONDER platform, some there are some instructions here, additionally to those that follow here.

For both platforms, you will receive links and credentials to enter by email.

What is a WONDER platform:

  1. This is a very intuitive environment, where when you enter you see a graphical environment with some light grey boxes with names: these are the different rooms.
  2. You will also see a small circle labeled with your name (your avatar), if you have entered your name when asked. If you have put a picture it is even better.
  3. Moving you mouse around and pressing the right button you will see your avatar moving towards this. Keep pressing to enter a room. Approaching very closely other avatars, from other participants—if any at the moment—you will see a circle enclosing both or all of you. Immediately, videos appear with faces of all people in the circle and you can start talking.
  4. Only people in one circle can see and talk to each other.
  5. If you go to another circle, other participants are then viewed live. It is exactly like when you move around into the real conference venue and meet and talk to small groups of people, ore even a large audience.
  6. You can see animations of the above described operations if you visit the main webpage of WONDER that is given above.