Daniel Helman

Helman Daniel

College of Micronesia - FSM
Active in a few areas concerning the Origin of Life:

Working on an icy worlds’ hypothesis for abiogenesis, with tidal forces' interaction creating electrical energy for use by proto-metabolism on icy bodies that have other building blocks. Some of my research is related to different mechanisms of electricity generation in minerals and some is related to seeing how electricity interacts with the rock cycle. Since water ice is a mineral that exhibits piezoelectricity and paraelectricity, there should be a regular signal from the strain of tidal forces.

I've also done some work related to chirality, published here. It attempts to fill in other mechanisms that might complement the wonderful work by Sarah Imari Walker.

I'm also interested in whether 'life' is a scientific concept at all, as well as in the general questions of what is life, and what is consciousness? I think that maths may have something to do with, but that's just my hunch, and not necessarily a fruitful direction for ascertaining the exact origin of life, whether membrane first, metabolism first, RNA world. I propose that I should work on a "maths first" concept.

My PhD work looked at complementary ethical systems in relation to life, within the fields of astrobiology and computer science. I'm hoping to describe the different ethical perspectives clearly enough to help make better global decisions.